Elementary School Scheduling - Wilkes County Admins

Looking at some sample schedules from NC schools:

Considerations and Models:
  • What is the role of data in scheduling? (What are your data sources? What is your trend data? How does it impact which subjects a teacher teaches or is the lead planner for? How does the data impact placement of students?)
  • It is impossible to "copy" a school schedule. And mimicking a successful school's schedule does not equate to success. It is what happens in those instructional blocks that matters.
  • Lynn Canady book Elementary School Scheduling - scroll down to materials for workshop #4
  • Lynn Canady blank templates
  • Georgia Leadership Institute module on building an elementary school schedule (2013)
  • Case Study From Bladen County (2013)
  • Flexed Media Time?
  • Becky DuFour Scheduling Resources (2011) - considerations for Common Planning Time
  • Some schools have Scheduling Teams
  • How often do you want to provide common planning/PLC time?
  • What is "loose" and what is "tight" in terms of what happens inside those scheduled blocks?
  • From one of my mentors..."You can only expect what you are willing to inspect."
  • Run a few student "case studies" in your head after you have finalized your schedule. For example, think of several students and mentally "walk through" the day with that student schedule. (Think like your customers.) If you have a scheduling team, you can do this with your team by assigning each adult a student profile.