NWRESA Principals’ Council (One HS Districts)
December 4, 2014

General Updates:

Honors Implementation Update:

  • Cohort I districts received feedback on November 14, 2014 (See letter to LEAs here)
  • Webinar was held for Cohort II LEAs on October 30, 2014 (see slides linked here)
  • Region 7 Cohort II districts: Avery, Newton-Conover, Alexander, Yadkin, Burke, Catawba
  • Region 7 Cohort III districts: Ashe, Hickory, Watauga, Mooresville, Davie, Caldwell
  • Honors Implementation wiki site

NWRESA Principals’ Council (One HS Districts)
October 23, 2014
NCDPI Updates

My contact info is on the left on the "Contact Jan" page.

Regional support:

Hot Topics:

Change in grading scale:
Grading Scale

Good time to revisit purpose and meaning of grades. Some resources:

Credit by demonstrated mastery:

NCDPI Wikispace: http://cdm.ncdpi.wikispaces.net/
Resources posted by some districts:
Surry’s work: surry.haikulearning.com/reinhardtj/creditbydemonstratedmastery/cms_page/view
Newton-Conover’s work: nccscompass.wikispaces.com/Credit+by+Demonstrated+Mastery

Honors portfolios:

NCDPI Wikispace: http://honorsimplementation.ncdpi.wikispaces.net/
Timeline and eligible courses: http://honorsimplementation.ncdpi.wikispaces.net/State+Level+Review+Process

EVAAS support:

SAS Customized EVAAS Support: https://ncdpi.sas.com/
  • Click on “Virtual Professional Development Now Available”
  • Send Sandy Horn three possible dates/times to meet with your leadership team virtually

CEUs and license renewal:

Free online modules list: https://rt3nc.org/
Access modules through HomeBase/NCEES or https://ncees.homebase.ncpublicschools.gov/alternateLogin.html

Collaborative Conference on Student Achievement (CCSA):

Registration information and call for proposals: http://www.ncpublicschools.org/curriculum/conference/