PowerSchool User Group Meeting

Regions 7 & 8
December 16, 2013 in Morganton
9:30 am - 2:30 pm with lunch on your own

Shared Reports at the bottom of this page

Welcome, Introductions, Housekeeping (10 minutes)

Suggested Norms (3 minutes)

  • Maintain a solution-oriented focus.
  • Be willing to share successes with colleagues.
  • Assume the best of your colleagues; there are no "stupid questions" today.
  • Limit sidebar conversations so speakers can be heard. Use the backchannel (see below).

Our "Today's Meet" Backchannel will be live for one year. This link is here. (5 minutes)

  • Share solutions as we discuss issues.
  • Capture questions that need follow-up attention.

Brainstorming (15 minutes)

  • What are the issues?
  • In what order shall we tackle them?
  • NEW: Our brainstormed issues list is linked here.

Work Session/Group Think (Until 11:30 am)

  • Working together to find solutions to issues
  • Break embedded in work session

Lunch Break (11:30 - 12:30)

  • lunch on your own

Work Session/Group Think (12:30 - 2:15)

  • Working together to find solutions to issues
  • Break embedded in work session

Next Steps (2:15 - 2:25)

  • Do you want to meet again?
  • If so, when and where?

Feedback about today: (Please complete. You will have to use the scroll bar beside the notebook paper to finish and submit.)

Shared Reports:

(Have reports to share? Send them to Jan King to post here.)

These are four shared reports from Susan Evans in Haywood County. If you have questions, contact Susan at sevans@haywood.k12.nc.us

Notes from Susan about these reports:
There is a bug in printing multiple students at one time. It will skip students. I have a ticket in with DPI, but who knows when they will look at it. When you create a report you don't define printing attributes, that means there is nothing I can change to fix it. It prints individual students fine, but if select multiple it may skip students.

Also the Student Detail 6 and 9 week reports is not built for Elementary Schools. I am going to create one for Elementary in the next few weeks. When I get that completed, I will share that report also.

Remind other LEA's they will need to edit the report to reflect the dates for their LEA. Start and End Date, 1st Nine weeks - 4 Nine Weeks,
1st 6weeks - 6 6weeks, S1, S2, etc. It all in the body of the object report.

The problem I noted that the reports will skip students if selecting multiple students has been solved by pearson. In the report where I have the following text field: Open that and the field: scroll down to Special, and uncheck that. They said "Move to the next student record" is normally used if you have created a report with many student records on one page - address labels for instance. It is not needed for this report. -

Let everyone now - Thank You!

XDates Text Position: (3.389,6.0), Font: Times Roman, Size: 10, Line Height: 11
Attendance Dates - All Schools
Attended Current School Year

^(daily.att.dates;;br.code;;8/21/2013;6/13/2014;dateformat=mmmd, yyyy)

Special Move to next record after printing this text

Attendance - 9 weeks

Attendance - 6 weeks

Student Detail - 9 weeks

Student Detail - 6 weeks