Session materials for May 5, 2015 NWRESA Administrators' Session

Link to the actual PowerPoint Slides
Link to the submitted Differentiated Pay Plans

Activity One: Deal 'Em: The Admin Shuffle

(Use Avery Labels 5260)
Labels Page 1
Labels Page 2
Handout: Poker Hands

Activity Two: Raising Our Leadership Lids

Leadership 101 by John Maxwell
Leadership curriculum

Activity Three: Who are your Irreplaceables?

The Irreplaceables research
Executive Summary of Research
Tips for Principals

Activity Four: Checking Out Some Data

Activity Five: Words of Wisdom from Dr. Joe Sinclair

  • Interested in Central Office leadership at some point?
  • See Dr. Joe's books on Amazon.
  • Speed-dating activity - pages 163-167. (Strengths and goals from the 26 Commandments)

Activity Six: Scenarios by Grade Band

Grading Scenarios NWRESA

Click here for more resources on grading practices.

Activity Seven: Ethics of Excellence

Discussion starter: "The one on page ___ stood out for me because _."

Activity Eight: Two Ways to Improve Our Schools

  • Let's Talk About:
    • Hiring/Interviews
    • Recruitment
    • Retention
    • Development

Activity Nine: The Power of the Big Mo

Leadership curriculum
How do we create and sustain momentum?

Activity Ten: Between Now and August

Click here for some ideas to help plan your back-to-school meeting.